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Biggleswade Town FC is an international sports news website that seeks to provide comprehensive coverage of all off-field sporting activities that have a direct impact on what takes place on the field. Our content will cover players, teams and clubs from all popular leagues around the world. This is not a tabloid magazine. We want our readers to be fully informed about their favorite player, their personal life, fitness level, what they are worth and most importantly any transfer rumors that may have been heard in the grapevine. We know that any factors that directly affect an individual player will have a direct effect of the team the player plays for therefore we want our readers to be fully updated.

We know that most of our readers enjoy sports betting as well as fantasy sports therefore, our goal is for the Biggleswade Town FCplatform to be among their top insight gathering tools to ensure they have the right information to make the right betting decisions. It’s our desire to make this platform as interactive as possible therefore we are open to feedback as well as suggestions from our readers on the kind of content they would want to see more of on this website.

We trust that as our reader, you will appreciate the work our writers will put in getting you the most informative content on events in the global sports arena.


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