5 rookie mistakes you must avoid during poker

Poker is one of the most popular forms of gambling that has been around for centuries, and has morphed into different variations. It’s a game that takes time to master, and requires a combination of both skill and luck to win.

Whereas more seasoned poker players have a better understanding of certain basics of game play owing to their years of playing, rookies tend to have a steeper learning curve especially because they tend to be slow to learn from their mistakes.

We take a look at 5 common rookie mistakes you must avoid during poker if you are to excel at this game.

#1 Learning their play from TV

41 - 5 rookie mistakes you must avoid during poker

One of the biggest rookie mistakes that is common with amateur poker players is thinking the poker scenes in movies are true and attempting to replicate them in real games. This is a huge mistake. Most movie scenes are produced for dramatic effect therefore a lot of the moves you will see actors in movies pull off can’t actually be tried out in a real poker game. If you want to avoid losing your cash at the table, don’t do what you saw your favorite actor do on TV.

#2 Always trying to overplay their hands

42 - 5 rookie mistakes you must avoid during poker

One of the easiest ways to identify a rookie at the table is to look out for the player always overplaying their hands. They will seldom fold as long as they have a pair of marginally strong cards even though they don’t have enough to make a complete hand. Professionals however, know when they are beat, and will always be ready to fold. Rookies on the other hand never know when to call it quits.

#3 Making too many assumptions

43 - 5 rookie mistakes you must avoid during poker

As a rule of thumb, any time a player is playing a drawing hand, the goal is to hit their draw and stuff the pot, and not to hit and check. Rookies have been known to do the latter because their decisions are based on assumptions that they have the best hand and they never take the time to anticipate what the other players might be holding.

#4 Being scared of losing

44 - 5 rookie mistakes you must avoid during poker

The fun of poker is about being able to take risks. Rookies however are never willing to take this step. You will seldom hear a rookie going all in instead they will mostly play without a roll and sometimes on a short roll. This is mostly because they are afraid of losing the money they have. Anytime players in the table realize you are scared of losing, they will use your fear to finish you off.

#5 Making obvious bets

45 - 5 rookie mistakes you must avoid during poker

Rookies tend to make obvious bets that help their opponents figure out what hand they may have and this helps your opponents devise strategies on how to win against you. Usually, from your bet size, an opponent can quickly figure out the likely hand that you are holding.

As a rookie, it will serve you well if you can quickly learn from these mistakes and adjust your game play. This is the only way to increase your chances of winning in poker.

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