The top 5 crazy sports betting wins

Sports betting has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years attracting gambling enthusiasts world over. The fact that betting sites allow players to stake on various sporting events from football, to horseracing, to tennis and many more has attracted many. The beauty about gambling in sports is that you don’t have to stake a lot of money. Players are free to stake amounts they are comfortable with, yet are still able to win big if they have the right strategy.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 crazy sports betting wins.

Mick Gibbs earns 500,000£ from 30 pence

Mick Gibbs from Safford, England put up a wager of 30 pence on a multiple bet that relied on 15 football results from various leagues across the world going his way. In total, the odds were heavily stacked against him having been at 1,666,666 to 1. Out of a stroke of luck or pure strategy, all the games went his way and he ended up winning a sweet sum of 500,000£ which is equivalent to $784,000.

Darren Yeats earns £550,823 from £59

Darren Yeats took what can be termed as a huge gamble in horseracing when he staked £59 on Jockey Frankie Dettorie winning all seven of his races. The odds of this happening were 25,000 to 1. In what can be termed as a miracle, the jockey did win all the 7 races and this earned Darren a cool £550,823 which is equivalent to $860,000 from his paltry£59.

Hayward earns £25,000 from £200

This is one of the bizarre stories where Hayward a Liverpool FC fan claimed that he dreamt thatXabi Alonso, a Liverpool midfielder scored a goal from way behind the midfield line. Taking this as a sign, he placed a bet of £200 trusting that his dream was actually a sign. The odds of this happening were 125 to 1. Just as in Hayward’s dream, Alonso scored a spectacular goal from the halfway line in a match against Luton Town. Hayward took home a cool £25,000.

Jonah Rechnitzearns $50,000 from $1000

When it comes to crazy wagers, Jonah Rechnitz is definitely one of the top picks. He staked $1000 on the conviction that safety would be the first score during the Super Bowl XLVI. The odds of this happening were 50 to 1. True to his bet, the Giants were first on the score sheet via a safety. This made Jonah walk home with a cool $50,000.

Comeback win earns lucky bettor 5000£ from £5

During the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations, while Angola was leading Mali 4-0, and with only 16 minutes of play left, a bettor staked £5 on Mali making a comeback. At this point the odds of this happening were 1000 to 1. By some sort of football miracle, Mali was able to pull back four goals in the dying minutes thereby tying the game at 4-4. The lucky bettor walked home with a cool 5000£.

From these crazy bets, it’s safe to say that gambling in sports is a combination of pure luck or you can call it intuition. The choice is yours.

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